Script Environment


  • self.project_name
  • self.project information about current project
  • self.response
  • self.task

About Script

  • The name of Handler is not matters, but you need at least one class inherit from BaseHandler
  • A third parameter can be set to get task object: def callback(self, response, task)
  • Non-200 response will not submit to callback by default. Use @catch_status_code_error

About Environment

  • logging, print and exceptions will be captured.
  • You can import other projects as module with from projects import some_project

Web view

  • view the page as a browser would render (approximately)

HTML view

  • view the HTML of the current callback (index_page, detail_page, etc.)

Follows view

  • view the callbacks that can be made from the current callback
  • index_page follows view will show the detail_page callbacks that can be executed.

Messages view

Enable CSS Selector Helper

  • Enable a CSS Selector Helper of the Web view. It gets the CSS Selector of the element you clicked then add it to your script.